Run #19: May 4, 2013: Florida, Pensacola

State #19, May 4, 2013
39th Annual Pensacola Fiesta 10K and 5K
After picking up the packet Friday afternoon in downtown Pensacola, a seafood pre-run meal -- the house specialty -- shrimp and grits...
at ...

This is a point to point 5K, and the runners rode busses from downtown Pensacola to about 3 miles north around 6 to 6:30 a.m.
On the bus ride, I sat next to Vicki from Mississippi. She said that she might run the 5K in about 23 minutes, over a minute faster than my best time. However I told her that I would try to keep up.
This is Vicki and me after the run.

At the starting line it is about 48 degrees with a 20 mph wind. Very unpleasant, so most leaned against buildings for about an 45 minutes until the 7:30 start. Jeannie, my Texas Tech wife, would be proud of my colors.
Just before the starting horn, they played the National Anthem.
Just before the horn...

And we are off. That is Vicki on the far right. She may be exceeding the speed limit.
We ran through the neighborhood and onto this busy street.
Self-pic while running. Determined steely eyes.

Over I-110
Into historic Pensacola...
There are about 50 ahead of me and 400 behind me.

Approaching the finish line (taken later).

Looking back after finishing. The clock is incorrect -- about a minute slow.
My Garmin showed 23:38, over 30 seconds faster than my previous best 5K time. The wind was at my back, the course had a slight downhill bias, and the temperature for running was perfect. It was like cold beer, shrimp, and grits.

I finished 2nd in my age division and 52nd overall. Vicki won her age division, literally by almost a mile, and she finished 37th overall. Look for Vicki, the pride of Mississippi, at the 2015 Boston Marathon. Those who placed received a silver coffee mug.

Fellow runner Crystal, me and the Pensacola Pelican.
Like, Crystal, the Pensacola Fiesta 5K was super.

19 States Completed (blue).
Scheduled for May (red).

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