State #22, May 17, 2013: North Dakota, Fargo,

Run #23 (DC and 22 States)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Fargo 5K (Part of the Sheels Fargo Marathon events)
Lots of marathoners (I am still a 5K guy) on the plane from Dallas to Fargo. These 4 guys have run over 150 marathons between them. The guy to my right ran the Boston Marathon and was about 100 yards from the first bomb.

The marathon is Saturday, but I and about 7500 runners will tackle the 5K Friday evening.
This is Ashley checking me in.

Which, along with the Expo, is at the Fargodome.

Where I found my Tutu ladies.

Thousands at the start.

And we are off...

I am running the sidewalks.
They are puzzled that I am running on their lawn taking their picture.

Heading to the finish.
26:55, 580th out of 7598 (about half of those were walkers). 7th out of 114 in my age group.
With me is Dan from Connecticut. He found my blog recently and contacted me, telling me that he too was going to be running in Fargo. He also has a goal to run all the states. I think North Dakota was his 7th. It was great meeting him.
All the runners got a medal.

Lots of good hearty people in Fargo.

22 States and DC Completed (blue).
Scheduled for May (red).

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