Run #21, May 11, 2013: Washington D.C.

Run #21
Washington D.C.: Komen 5K Race for the Cure (the biggest 5K in the USA with over 40,000 runners)

7:00 a.m. heading to the National Mall on the Metro Blue Line

This way to the 5K

In the chute

And we are off...
Not much room to run

Over the hills...
and through the woods...

Almost to the finish

26:10, lots of bobbing and weaving. 6th out of 36 in my age group.

Lots of tutus

Pretty in Pink

and how bout these cheerleaders from a local high school
They were encouraging and cheering the whole time. I could hear them when I was a quarter of a mile away, and their chants got louder and louder. They were a great source of inspiration to finish the 5K and very kind to take a picture.
The DC Komen 5K was an extravaganza and raised a lot of money for The Cure. Glad we were here.

20 States and DC Completed (blue).
Scheduled for May (red).

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