State #23, May 18, 2013: South Dakota, Watertown

Run #24 (DC plus 23 States)
Love Your Kidneys 5K/10K Run
This is a fun run to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.
My Scheduled Sioux Falls, South Dakota 5K was cancelled , and I was very fortunate to find this event.
We checked in at the zoo.

Some organized stretching

That is Nancy, champion marathoner, physical therapist, and she agreed to pace me for a while on the 5K run.

We boarded a trolley bus to go to the start line near the City Park area.
The man in the blue (can't remember his name) is also a champion marathoner. Fortunately for me, he is in a younger age group, except this is a fun run without age groups.

At the start -- 17 running and walking on the fun run today.

And we are off. That is 11-year old Elise in front of us. After about a mile, I yelled to her, "I'm going to catch you."
Elise responded, "No you're not."

Passing the country club.

After 2 miles, my pacers went ahead.

Not too far to the finish.

Elise bringing it home.

At the finish...the oldest and youngest running the 5K today.

Back to the zoo for refreshments.

This is Nancy's tennis doubles partner, Pat. Pat knows stuff.

Watertown was a wonderful event, full of talented, kind, friendly people.

23 States and DC Completed (blue).
Scheduled for May, June, and July (red).
Scheduled After July (grey).

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