Run #18: April 27, 2013: Minnesota, Minneapolis

State #18, April 27, 2013
2013 GrandSlamTrip Baseball Game #1: Rangers at Twins, Saturday, 4-27
The Get in Gear 10K-5K-2K-Half Marathon.
Also, the Texas Rangers play the Twins. Friday night and the plane to Minneapolis was late, and we got to the registration after it closed, but the kind and powerful Race Director Paulette opened back up to find my bib and shirt for me.
And still Friday night, the Rangers just beat the Twins 4-3, and they play again on Saturday and Sunday.

Weighing in Saturday morning about 7 after warming up at the hotel.
About 8000 runners participating in all events, 1840 in the 5K, held at Minnehaha Park.

A perfect day in Minneapolis. That is solid ice to the right of Minnehaha Falls. Some will melt by Sunday when the temperature approaches 80.
The half marathon and 10K runners start first. There are over 6000 more lined up behind these.
About 20 minutes later it is time for the 5K runners to line up.
And we are off -- a pic I took about five minutes into the run.
And after the finish. A time of 24:34, 111th out of 1840, and 4th in my age group out of 28.
Terrific weather, a terrific event, and a terrific companion.

18 States Completed (blue).
Scheduled for May (red).

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