Run #16, April 20, 2013: Nebraska, Omaha

State #16, April 20, 2013
The Claussen-Leahy 5K Run

Warming up on the hotel treadmill
29 degrees in Omaha as I head for the run.

Checked in-- Bib #304

At the start -- the clock set at 4:09:45, the time on the Boston Marathon clock when the first bomb exploded.

Before the run, remembering those who died and were injured in Boston.
The runner's tribute -- left shoe lace black.

And we are off...

It is an out and back 5K, and I am on the way back.
Cheering on the runners near the finish...
They are amazed that a runner is taking their picture.

My official time: 24 minutes and 7 seconds -- a personal best, and 47th out of 324 who participated. However, my Garmin watch showed 24:16.
No age group awards in this 5K, but my time was faster than all runners older than 50.
A pic looking back at the finish line about 45 seconds after I finished.

After the run...

The event raised over $200,000 for the University of Nebraska at Omaha athletics.

16 States Completed (blue).
Scheduled for April and May (red).

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  1. I was behind you for most of the run wondering why you were taking so many pictures but now I know!! What a great mission and great way to experience each state. Many successes to you and I look forward to reading all your race reports!