Run #15, an 8K: Oregon, Portland

State #15: April 7, 2013
Bridges to Brews 10K and 8K Run/Walk
The Williamette River runs right through Portland. The Bridge to Brews course starts on the east side of the river, crosses over the Fremont Bridge on the way out and the Broadway Bridge on the way back.

Before the run, and amazingly, it is not raining.

This couple is Chad and Anna, originally from Albuquerque, but have lived in Portland for a few years, and they ran in the Bridge to Brews last year. They were very helpful letting us know what the course was like. The green tags mean they are doing the 10K.

Lining up at the starting chute.

And we are off. I took my IPhone to snap some pics while running.

I took the following photo of myself. A difficult task while running and probably a little scary for you to view. I have a little Christopher Walken going.

I finished 90th out of 1024 runners.

and 2nd in my age group.

Beer never tastes better than after a run.

A big party also.

It was a great run especially over the bridges. I may have to run over the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges now.
And a bonus, going to the Mavericks - Portland Trailblazers game with daughter Debi.

15 States Completed (blue).
Scheduled for April and May (red).

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