5K #9, February 23: North Carolina, Chapel Hill

State #9

20th Annual Shamrock "N" Run 5K. Sponsored by the Kappa Delta Sorority at North Carolina University

Jeannie took me to DFW airport at 6:30 this morning (Friday), so I could fly to Norfolk, Virginia to drive to a Saturday 5K in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a Sunday 5K in Williamsburg, Virginia. Jeannie is flying into Norfolk on Saturday afternoon, and I will pick her up on the way to Williamsburg.

I think I chose a great 5K for my North Carolina run. It will start and finish near the front of the Kappa Delta House on the North Carolina University campus. Over 1300 runners are signed up.
Tonight (Friday), the KDs hosted a chili and sweet potato dinner at their sorority house. Delicious!
These are some luminaries whom I was fortunate to meet.

The two girls (ladies or young ladies or even Tar Heels) on your left, both seniors, are two of the head honchos in charge of the events. I predict Blair on the far left (although her politics are on the right) will be the first female Republican President and that Becky, next to Blair, will be a CEO of something like Google.
I had my chili dinner at a table with the lady in the middle, Betsy, her Tar Heel freshman daughter Ann--on my left, along with Betsy's husband Bill, son Will, and maybe future daughter in law Beth. I predict Ann (on my left) will be the head reporter at ESPN some day. My prediction for the mom is at the end of this post.
It is now Saturday morning blog time, and it is about 38 degrees, and normally, nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning, but look at this...

A steady downpour--too wet to take pictures until after the race.
Fortunately, I found Betsy. She told me everything we would see on the route, and we ran side by side for most of the 5K and got drenched.

Guess who was the faster.
It was Betsy by about 10 seconds. Her daughter, Ann, cheered us on during the run.

This is the delightful HKDIC (Head Kappa Delta in Charge) Blair who I met the night before.

Blair is calling out raffle numbers and the first place winners in each age division. No awards except for first
I finished 2nd by about 7 seconds in my 60-69 group and staged my own award ceremony.

It was a terrific trip to Chapel Hill. The KDs are wonderful, and they put on a first class 5K. I was also fortunate to meet The family of Bill, Will, Beth, Betsy, and Ann as they made me feel welcome to North Carolina.
After the 5K, I drove to Norfolk, VA to pick up Jeannie at the airport. We are now in Williamsburg getting ready for the Sunday's big 34th Annual Sentara Colonial Half Marathon & 5K.
Runs Completed (blue). Scheduled for February and March (red).

February 24: Virginia, Williamsburg. 34th Annual Sentara Colonial Half Marathon & 5K
March 3: Oklahoma, Ardmore. A2A Arbuckles to Ardmore Race for Mercy Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K
March 16: Nevada, Las Vegas. 12th Annual Run Away with Cirque du Soleil 5K Run and 1-Mile Fun Walk at the Springs Preserve
The mom, Betsy, is running the 5K on Saturday. I asked her if she had a time goal, and she said 27 minutes. Thinking she was in her 40s, I said, "You will probably medal in your age group if you do that." Then she said that she was 55 (scroll back up to that picture and see if that seems right). So my prediction is that Betsy will win her age group.
Donald Trump just called, and he wants to see her birth certificate.
It is after the run now. Betsy finished third in her 50-59 age division. Usually, there would be a 55-59 division which Betsy would have won, but today she had to compete against the spry 50-54 year old women, but Betsy still takes home the bronze.

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