State #29, June 15, 2013: Ohio, West Chester (near Cincinnati)

Run #30 (DC and 29 states), Saturday, June 15
Lungs on the Run 5K

My Ohio 5K is in West Chester, a suburb of Cincinnati, and is a fundraiser for lung cancer research.

Ready to run...

and at 8:30 a.m., we are off...
Above is Jeannie taking a picture of the start

This sign says mile 2.

I could not pass the lady in blue.

the finish line...

25:13, 32nd out of 139, 1st in my age group of which there was just one other participant, but my time was also faster than the three 50-59 year old participants.

After the run -- this is KC, a ten year survivor of a bout with lung cancer in which she lost a lung, and today is her birthday. Everyone sang happy birthday to her this morning. Her son and some others started this 5K 3 years ago.

This 5k had more goodies than any other so far. Coupons, gator aid, bananas, sandwiches, bagels, a pair of socks, and more.

Plus I got a $10 Target gift certificate for my age group first.

and, I found some tutus...

After the 5K, we headed to Morgantown, West Virginia, for a Sunday Father's Day 5K.

29 States and DC Completed (blue).
Scheduled for June and July (red).
Scheduled After July (gray).

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