State #27, June 12, 2013: Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Run #28 (DC and 27 states), Wednesday, June 12
31st Annual Superun 5K

Sitting in the car 40 minutes before the 7 p.m. start of the 5K. Severe storm warning, tornado watch, thunder, lightening...

How can the race go on? Severe weather for a hundred miles to the west, and it is coming east.


There was a lull five minutes before the scheduled start, and they said to line up.

The horn blows, and we are off...

About half way, the rain started.

Then for the last mile, sheets of rain, wind, thunder, and lightening.

Finally, the welcome finish.

26:03. 163rd out of 374. 9th in age group out if 18. Jeannie and I went straight for the car and then for the hotel.
All pics were taken by Jeannie who also got soaked.

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