5K #1, January 1, 2013: California, Simi Valley

The 2013 7th Annual Run for the Books 5K: Simi Valley, California

The quest to run a 5K in all 50 states in 2013 begins in beautiful Simi Valley, California at the Run for the Books 5K.

Pre-run meal.

This is a trail run with a couple of steep hills. The temp Is about 45 degrees and fortunately not too windy. The organizers describe the path as follows:
Trail: Long wide fire road. Hawks, bunnies, ducks, wonderful scents of morning, a creek (3 crossings). Slight elevation change UP on the way out and DOWN on the way back. This is a great trail for running carriages, dogs, kids and walkers too!

The run begins with the very steep decline behind us.

The run ends with about a 200 yard trek back up this steep hill. Very tough on the oldest person running.

About 50 people ran the 5K, although about 1/3 of those walked, and I finished 9th.

These are my Garmin times for each of the first 3 miles (L1, L2, L3) and what turned out to be an additional .22 miles L4) making the run about a 5.2K.

These are the excellent race organizers Sarita and Randy Shoemaker. They also run boot camps. This is their website: http://www.805bootcamp.com/HomePage.html

The night before the run was our 30th wedding anniversary. We celebrated with SMU college friend Gail Casey, my big sister in my fraternity. Gail lives near Simi Valley and took us to a great restaurant, Olivio's Trattoria. We had a great celebration.

After the 5K, we went to the Rose Bowl.

One state completed. D.C. and 49 more states to go.

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