5K #11 March 2: Louisiana, Shreveport

State #11

Heading to Louisiana from Houston where we celebrated my mom's 93rd birthday...

Through East Texas...

to Louisiana for the...
Louisiana Skeeter Run 2013 in Shreveport: SWAT Teams Stamping Out Malaria
Skeeter is short for mis-skeeter which is southern vernacular for mosquito which carries malaria which will be helped to be stamped out by funds raised by SKEETER 5Ks all over Louisiana today.

Today is also Texas Independence day.

But at 34 degrees, a little cold for my slightly PG-13 flag shorts, which were unfurled last week in Virginia.

Lining up in Louisiana.

I carried my iPhone for some pics.
And we are off...

Running across fields and trails.

Heading to the finish.

The best part -- jumbalaya after the run.

24 minutes and 50 seconds, maybe about 15th overall, but first in my age group and awarded a commemorative dog tag.

Runs Completed (Blue). Scheduled for March and April (Red).

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