State #44, August 18, 2013: Alaska, Anchorage

Run #45 (DC and 44 states), Sunday, August 18, 9:30 a.m.

August 18: Alaska, Anchorage
Anchorage Running Club Big Wild "Skinny Raven" Half Marathon

Thanks to Alaska Airlines credit card miles, just $10 to fly to Anchorage and back, about the gas and toll cost to drive one-way to the Ball Park in Arlington for a Rangers game or the cost there of a coke and hot dog.
When I was 11 in Houston, a friend told me about his great weekend. He went deer hunting. In 30 degree rainy weather, he sat in a deer blind from sunrise to the afternoon. He saw one deer, and it was too far away to take a shot. I said, "That sounds horrible and boring.". He said, "It was fun."

Admittedly, it is crazy to fly from DFW (at dawn below) to Alaska on a Saturday, run 13.1 miles on Sunday, and fly back to Dallas on Monday.
But ...

Eleven hours later at the packet pickup in Anchorage, I was pleased to meet Jeff Galloway, whom I first heard of just last February. I read one of his books, and his methods have been extremely helpful.

A Pre-run meal at the Brewhouse, an Anchorage favorite.

This is Diane from Anchorage. She is coaching a team today. She cheered on her team (and me) at 3 locations on the half marathon route.

In the middle below is the official starter of today's races (marathon, half marathon, and 5K), Dan Sullivan, the Mayor of Anchorage.
On the left is arguably America's greatest marathoner, Bill Rodgers. He held the USA marathon record time in the late 1970s and won the Boston Marathon 4 times. He is running the half marathon today.

The start of today's marathon at 9:00 a.m.
I and about 1000 other half marathoners start ay 9:20.

My tutu girls, also running the half marathon.

Here they are about 300 yards from the finish line.

And they are looking way better than me after the finish...

423rd out of 1011 runners. 7th out of 14 in my age group. About 25 minutes behind Bill Rodgers.

At the awards party, this is Race Director Sharron Fisherman handing me my driver's license which I lost during the race. Someone found it along with my hotel key and turned it into her. The $10 bill I also lost was not returned.
Sharon and I were both born in Winnipeg, Canada.

This year I have lost and luckily recovered my license, my IPad, my cell phone, my glasses, my running garmin watch, and a charger cord. Old age is a...

Visiting Anchorage, Alaska was great. The races were well organized and run mostly along a beautiful trail.

44 States and DC Completed (blue).
The 6 Remaining States (red).

Texas has a deal with the mapmakers for maps like the one above, but Alaska is actually this size compared to the other states.